A Bit About Us

Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures has proudly been operating in the Revelstoke area since 2009. We are a small family run kennel who strive to maintain the highest standards of dog care and guest satisfaction.

When we are not sharing our love for the sport with guests leading tours, we are often training our dogs to compete in internationally recognized dogsled races where we have proven to be quite successful at many levels of competition.

With the help of our 2 lovely daughters and staff we are able to allow our dogs to reach their full potential, both as elite canine athletes and as socialized couch potatoes.

Working forestry in the summer allows us to run and train dogs 8 months a year full time. Our life has gone to the dogs and we would not have it any other way.

Preserving the lifestyle of dog mushing has allowed our family a special connection to our collective history and cant wait to share it with you.

Gift An Adventure

Our tours are the perfect gift for the people you love. Send them on an adventure with us to see the magical landscapes surrounding Revelstoke.

Our Dogs

Our modest-size kennel makes sure every dog receives the love and attention they deserve.

Our trained, motivated teams of Alaskan Racing Huskies will whisk you through the snowy trails. Over hills, around corners, fast and slow, our experienced, happy, hard-working dogs love to run and it shows. Each pup has unique attributes from appearance to demeanour but when running on a tow line the team becomes a unified force.

At Revelstoke Dogsled Adventures, we love our dogs and want to keep them happy and running strong. As we say, dogs are the best business partners out there.

Our dogs’ health and well-being is our primary concern and tour schedules may vary for reasons such as unfavourable weather conditions.